Pulse oximetry

We're going to look at: what is oxygen saturation? what does it mean? and how do pulse oximeters measure it? and also at the limitations of pulse oximeters.

Some basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is assumed - for instance the idea that blood carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body through arteries and the blood then returns through veins.

It is not a complete reference to every aspect of pulse oximetry, in particular please note my experience is with adults and this web site refers to pulse oximetry with adults.

Some pages have a 'more depth' link on them, these links provide more information for learners who are interested in that point.

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Pulse oximetry
What is oxygen saturation?
What does it mean?
How does it work?
  Poor signal
  Carbon dioxide
  Carbon monoxide
  Skin pigmentation
  Other issues

Oxygen transport

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